Client Comments
Recent written comments received from clients about Porini Camps.

Fern, R, Barrington, Rhode Island, reviewed 30th April 2014

Porini Lion Camp

What a wonderful place!!! I have been all over the world and this trip is one of my favorite trips. The service was fabulous and being right up close with all those gorgeous animals was literally breathtaking. I took 1000 pictures and they were all beautiful. When I showed the book around to friends and co-workers, they all commented about the beautiful pictures. It was largely because we were able to get so close to all the animals. The combination of spotters and drivers in the open cars were perfect!

Nirmalya Banerjee, Nairobi, Kenya , 2nd April 2014

Porini Lion Camp

“Five stars is too few for this camp.”

Unfortunately Tripadvisor has only five stars and so I'm stuck at that. This camp is just out of this world. The conservancy and the quality of game drives makes this a wild life lover's paradise that's hard to beat. 
The tents are spacious and the food very good. The service is very willing as well, but what truly sets this camp apart is the quality of the game drives. The night game drives were conducted with a an infra red lamp so as not to affect the animals' night vision. Meshaak our giude and John our spotter were seemingly able to locate big cats through pure intuition. We saw cats on all six day game drives and lions, leopards and cheetahs on two of them. We saw an epic battle between a lone buffalo and eleven lions of the Marsh pride which the buffalo incredibly won and we saw a lioness carry cubs in her mouth. We saw two successful cheetah kills ans a few unsuccessful big cat hunts. 
We could not have asked for more.

Jane W, Livingstone, Scotland, UK, reviewed 11th March 2014

Porini Mara Camp

“A great experience at Porini Mara Camp.”

When we arrived at Porini Mara Camp we had already had four nights at Porini Rhino Camp, so we felt totally at home. The tents are beautifully equipped and have wonderful views over the plains. From our tent we saw elephant, giraffe, zebra, gazelle, wart-hogs, water buck, jackal, monkeys, wildebeest and more, we also heard some strange roars at night!
The staff at the camp were fantastic, so friendly and very efficient. The food was excellent, thanks Julius! We had terrific guides, Geoffrey and Tipa. They took us out for hours each day and shared so much information. The conservancy had loads of wildlife, our special treat was a cheetah with her four tiny cubs, but we also saw several more cheetahs, lots of lion and so many herbivores. Zebra and giraffe in huge numbers as well as lots of elephant. Sadly the leopard eluded us, but there's always next time! We did spend a day in the main Mara reserve as we treated ourselves to the hot air balloon safari, an awesome experience! It was worth visiting the main reserve to see hippos and crocodiles, but personally I much preferred the conservancy. I have to compliment our agents, Africa Born, for their excellent choice of venue. We are very happy clients having had a truly amazing safari experience!

Amy Battis, Massachusetts, USA, 18th February 2014

Porini Rhino Camp

“Wonderful start to safari!”

I traveled solo to Kenya for my second safari and started off in Porini Rhino camp. Benjamin and Nicholas were my guide and spotter/driver and they really gave me an excellent game-viewing experience.

I picked Ol Pejeta and Porini Rhino camp for the rhinos specifically, and I was not disappointed. We had a very early morning spotting of the elusive black rhino, and saw 5 white rhinos, including a very young one, during a midday drive. We also visited the Rhino Sanctuary, where I met Baraka, the blind rhino ambassador who graciously let me feed him. The rhino viewing here far exceeded what I experienced in Tanzania. It helps that the guides live and work in the area every day, so they know where they are most likely to be.

Harry was the manager on duty while I was there (he roams camp to camp in that capacity) and he's a rock star. He never failed to greet me with a smile and always asking how my stay was, how the game rides were, how the food was. The folks at Porini camps are SO concerned about your experience and want to ensure that all is well. This starts from the top with the camp managers and trickles right down through all the other camp staff.

The food here is exceptional, as at other Porini camps. They do wonderful things with vegetables and pizzas, especially. I was never hungry or wanting for anything in the way of food or drink. The vehicles are stocked with a cooler of cold drinks for the longer drives. All meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, whether in camp or out on the road, were just excellent.

The tents are well appointed and comfortable. You won't feel like you're in a tent but rather an open-air hotel room! Being situated in the conservancy gives you, as a Rhino Camp guest, practically exclusive access to the area and the wildlife. I hardly ever saw any other vehicles and we were never crowded at a sighting.

All the details are well attended to, from the game drives to the small things like the hot water bottles in bed, flannel rain ponchos in the vehicles and cookies with your coffee for the early morning wake-up call.

Thank you to Benjamin, Daniel and Harry for a wonderful experience, and Julie at Gamewatchers for flawlessly pulling this trip together for me!

Alec B, Bangalor, India, reviewed 30th April 2014

Porini Amboseli Camp


I was fortunate to enjoy another special safari experience thanks to Tony and his Porini team. The sight of elephants marching with the backdrop of Mt Kilimanjaro is truly special, and the conservancy was also rich with varied wildlife to enjoy. Tents and food - as always with Porini - was excellent. Maasai guide Jonah and driver Shadrack were excellent company and very helpful finding the best angle for my snaps. Thoroughly recommended!

Melissa B, London, UK, reviewed 19th March 2014

Porini Amboseli Camp

“The journey of a lifetime”

Porini Amboseli Camp (PAC), our first stop in a whirlwind 7-day safari, delivered the best service I’ve ever experienced. In fact, I hesitate to call it ‘service’ as it felt more like camaraderie. Immediately after our visit to a very welcoming Maasai village, it rained for a solid 6 hours. We didn't really mind as it gave us an opportunity to recover from the long journey to Kenya. The next day, at the crack of dawn, we were on our way to Amboseli National Park with not one, but two Land Rovers of Maasai warriors in tow. When we saw the muddy roads, we understood why we needed back-up. What’s normally a quick drive turned into a 5 hour-long adventure. At one point we counted 17 people pushing our vehicle along – all with smiles on their faces. Although they could’ve quite reasonably modified our itinerary, the Maasai team, led by Julius and Dennis, remained 100% committed to the challenge.

The best part of the day - heck, of the trip - was not seeing the elephants on the other side (though they were breathtaking!), but rather, the time that we shared with these inspiring young men. Their perseverance was a much-needed reminder that "life is a journey, not a destination". Endless thanks to Tony – you run a tight ship!

Elaine Wigglesworth, 15th February 2012
Porini Camps

Overwhelming, the total Porini experience was incredible. Can only echo comments of other guests, all aspects excellent, camps, guides, drivers, staff, food. Tansfers between camps run with military precision. We had 7 nights on the Wilderness Safari and it was the most amazing time of my life. Special mention to Wilson at Amboseli, an absolute star. And obviously a big thank you to all the wildlife for showing up! Totally smitten by Kenya

Carole Herdegen, 27th July 2010
Porini Amboseli Camp at the Selenkay Conservation area

My first experience with the Porini Camps was at Amboseli. The luxurious tents were a big surprise. Not only were they beautifully furnished but comfortable... hot showers and all. The camp manager, Tony was well-organized and very friendly. Both Dominic and Jonah were amazing guides. There is no one more knowledgeable about our 'feathered friends' than Dominic. I highly recommend Porini Camps.

Denise , 14th March 2011
Porini Mara Camp

I stayed at the Porini Mara camp only and wished it had been longer. The thing that stood out the most for me was the fact that no other tour vehicles are allowed on the conservancy other than guests of Porini Mara. I was able to enjoy a nice evening with a pride of lion with nine cubs all by myself and my wonderful guides to keep me company. The eco-friendliness of the camp was a big plus too!

Robert van Beers Toronto Canada, 27th April 2010
Porini Mara Camp, Ol Kinyei Conservancy & Porini Lion Camp, Olare Orok Conservancy

We had a lovely time with Gamewatchers and were very pleased. It was great. The staff at Porini Mara Camp in particular were an enormous joy to be with - Moses (the waiter); Ben (our guide) & Enoch (the driver) were all great. Accommodations, food and staff were great. Your website doesn't do the camps justice! We were thrilled with the wildlife experiences, the skill of our guides and the flexibility in terms of scheduling safaris/rests/meals. I was also very pleased with the partnership the camps exhibit with the local communities - the pride the staff feel in the conservancies and in the camps is palpable. We are still on a high from our fabulous time with you - and trying to warm various friends and family members up for a return trip.

Judy White, 29th July 2010
Porini Lion Camp

Spent several days last week at the Porini Lion Camp and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our group of 21 people was treated to comfortable tents, excellent food, and an unforgettable safari wildlife experience. We did see the Wildebeast/Zebra cross the Mara River and that is something we will not forget. I would not hesitate to recommend this camp to any visitor to the area.

Amboseli Porini Camp, Porini Lion Camp, October 2007

My mother and I have just returned from our vacation on Oct. 12th As far as the camp leaders, guides and the Maasai, we love them. They proved to be so knowledgeable, attentive and pleasant and willing to help us in any way we needed. They anticipated our needs and were always checking to make sure we were happy. Our guides went out of their way to find game and have us experience everything we wanted including seeing 3 wildebeast crossings, many prides of lions, saw a cheetah kill, and so much wildlife that I know that I would highly recommend these camps to everyone who wants to visit East Africa. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service. I looked forward each day to going out on the game drives and sundowners. I looked forward to seeing my Maasai warrior standing outside my tent at night knowing he would be watching out for us. I looked forward to my hot water bottle in my bed at night. I cried when I had to leave. We will have many, many wonderful memories of Kenya and its people. I wish everyone could experience it as we did. Everything worked out great and would love to go back again and see more in the future. Thank you again for making it all happen!

Mr & Mrs Patton, USA

October 2007, Amboseli Porini Camp, Mara Porini Camp

We just arrived back in the states after our safari. What a great time. I will highly recommend Porini Camps to anyone I know going on safari.

The Porini Camps gave an outstanding safari experience. The tents were nicely appointed and very comfortable. The hot water bottles in the Mara were a great touch. Both camp directors (Oscar and Peter) were welcoming and helpful. The game drives were very good and the vehicles were so much better than the “mini-vans” we saw racing around. And, the dinners far exceeded our expectations. It’s amazing what they were able to cook up out in the bush. We also really enjoyed the sundowners and campfires during the evenings. Although we have traveled all over the world in search of adventure, I am not sure we ever traveled with this much style. Again, your outfit does an outstanding job.

Again, thanks for a great safari. You and your staff should be proud of the job you do and the product you offer.

Gordon McInally, Scotland

September 2007, Mara Porini Camp

Having just arrived back in the UK, following our trip to Kenya, can I thank you – and all at Porini Camp – for the wonderful safari we enjoyed last week at Mara Porini Camp

You must be justifiably proud of what you have created at the Porini Camp – it is the perfect atmosphere. Having had a brief sight of one of the lodges in the Mara following our balloon safari on Wednesday morning, complete with its manicured lawns, carefully paved driveway, gift shop etc. we gave thanks that we had chosen to stay at Porini. The attention given to us by Peter and all his staff could not be faulted and, although it is a bit of a cliché, it was “the trip of a lifetime”. If we have one regret it was that, due to our personal schedule, we could only spend three days on safari. Thanks again for everything.

Kiersten and Brian Kugeler, Colorado USA

September 2007( 3 nights Porini Amboseli, 5 nights Porini Lion)

Dear Porini Camp,

We are writing to thank you for such a fantastic first trip to Kenya. It was even better than we had imagined. Nina was very helpful and responsive throughout the entire booking process, and to all of my inquiries as we prepared for our trip. We found the people in Kenya, and especially the Porini Camp staff to be among the friendliest and most welcoming people we have ever met. At Amboseli Porini, we had a fantastic time with Emmanuel, Isa, Moses and Oscar. They made our trip in Kenya!. Emmanuel was such a knowledgeable and eager driver and guide. Isa was a fantastic spotter, and so eager to talk with us about everything from animal behavior to his cultural traditions. Spending time with them was a highlight for us. As far as logistics, Benson handled everything quite impressively, and did it with a smile. As we broke the record for longest stay at Porini Lion Camp (we could have stayed for another week!), we got to know the staff quite well. We had a lot of fun with them, and John's personal experience in the area was incredibly valuable. We had a great time on walks with both Johnson and Duncan, and Philipp and William were so accommodating and friendly. The food was fantastic at both camps. Its quite a feat making such meals in the bush. We made some great friends on our trip, and would recommend the Porini Camps to anyone we know who is considering a trip to Kenya. Your company provided exactly what we were looking for when we started researching for this trip. I feel so lucky that I randomly came across your website during that process. We have memories (and plenty of great photos!) to last a lifetime.

Wil Marlow, UK

September: Amboseli Porini Camp and Mara Porini Camp

In Maasai Mara we followed a mother lion for a while, her quest unknown. Then we stumbled across her destination - cubs sitting in the shade of a bush, waiting for her to return. They frolicked and dozed and we watched them a while until they suddenly became alert at a noise. Their mother was calling them. They went running towards her, one of the cubs being particularly playful and wrapping his front legs around her neck. It was experiences like this that made us realise we were lucky to be in an open jeep, Porini Camp Safaris is one of the more pleasant safari experiences - we saw many unfortunates driving around in what were little better than minibuses.

Clair Webb , England

Amboseli & Mara Porini Camps, 2007

I just wanted to say thanks so much for arranging my holiday - it managed to exceed my expectations, which was rather a tall order. The trip was really well throught out, the Porini camps were amazing and all the staff were friendly, helpful and very knowledgable. All in all a perfect holiday!

Sue Allen, Isle of Man

Mara Porini Camp, December 2006

The Safari Experience was great. The food was great, much nicer than our hotel in Mombasa!!! They were there at all times to help if we needed any, quick to bring meals out and drinks and very friendly and managed to answer all our questions about the area. The tents were kept very clean, we had no problems at all. The game driver and guide were so helpful and described in detail about the area and the animals, they managed to show us all of the animals apart from the Rhino but they tried there hardest to find one !!! Lunch on the game drives was lovely !! Mini pizzas and cheese and tomato sandwiches was just like home food !!!

The best experience is hard to pin point, it was all excellent... From seeing Mount Kilimanjaro from the airplane, seeing lions eating a live catch, to hearing the lions at night time and having a leopard chase a Giselle into our camp... and on the hunt for a rhino, seeing cheetahs... To eating lunch sat by a river in the Masai Mara after seeing a pride of lions and a leopard in a bush... they were all amazing !!! Even getting the staff to show us how to throw a spear !!! It was all great... Even the river by the camp being flooded and local people helping total strangers make a flight back was really good !!! It was the best ever... All of it was a great experience..

Esther Seijmonsbergen, UK

Porini Lion Camp, November 2006

Service fom Porini Camp Safaris was excellent.  The personal care and attention while staying at the camps. It’s very nice to have more or less private game drives with very knowledgeable and experienced guides. I don’t see how it can get any better other than improvements to the roads, but that’s not up to Porini Camp!

Stephen Peedell, Italy

Amboseli Porini & Mara Porini October 2006

I will confess that it was quite probably the best holiday I have ever had… in 2 excellent tented lodge camps (Porini camps) in Amboseli and Masaai Mara, in conservancies just outside the national parks.

Food, logistics, vehicles, guides etc were all first class - extreme comfort without feeling we were riding roughshod over local communities and their land. When comparing with some of the lodges inside the park, with electric fences, swimming pools, orchestrated feeding of game, glass windows, air conditioning and irrigated ornamental lawns, we were very glad to be in the hands of the Masaai. Outside the park, you get to do night drives, bush walks and simply be part of the nature, rather than an overpampered observer.

All travel has an impact, but I can't think of a better model than running camps in conservancies, as Porini do, which engages the local community, provides jobs and income, and extends the protected area for game beyond the National Park boundaries. Many parks are under pressure, and Mara is no exception, so these additional conservation areas provide a much needed buffer and complement the excellent work of the park service. Only so much land can ever be "protected", so areas where local tribes are not excluded, but fully integrated in conservation activities, must be encouraged - which is easy to do, as they provide such an excellent holiday.


Alex Shaw, UK

Maasai Safari September 2006

The safari experience was absolutely amazing. The staff are the best I have ever come across, they were attentive but not in your face, fun but not offensive, there was nothing they couldn't do for you. The guides were exceptional and new everything we asked and more, they really made the trip come alive with lots of interesting facts, but it also felt like they were really enjoying themselves too. The game drives were perfect and we saw everything except rhino (maybe next time!). I also could not fault the food which was excellent and the type of food I would expect from a proper restaurant. The accommodation was also amazing and was bigger than most people’s houses in the UK! The addition of hot showers really did make the difference and put a big smile on my girlfriends face!

Seeing a leopard eating a gazelle up a tree - and this was 5 minutes after landing on the way from the airport to the camp was a highlight! But overall I would say the staff at the camp stood out as they really made the whole experience so comfortable, fun, interesting and enjoyable. My girlfriend was also a little worried about camping out in the middle of a game reserve but your staff helped her feel safe.

Andrea Webb, UK

Mara Porini Camp, September 2006

We cannot fault the camps at all. Everything was wonderful. The food was amazing, the staff so polite. The tents were comfortable and the whole atmosphere made you feel very welcome. Our guide was very knowledgeable, and also very entertaining with his numerous stories and anecdotes. All of the game drives were very enjoyable, in particular the night drive which again was a fantastic experience. The vehicles were always clean, comfortable and skillfully driven. We were very pleased to be in a Land Rover type vehicle rather than the buses which we saw large numbers of. Being able to stand up out of the top of the vehicle was great fun, and enabled members of our party to become "spotters" for the day.

There are no areas which we could suggest improvement of, as every part of the safari exceeded our expectations. We would definitely recommend the camp to others, and would love to return one day, hopefully in the near future. We would like to thank everyone at the camp very much for a really amazing experience which we will never forget.

Leyla & Claudio Larijani, California USA

Maasai Safari, September 2006

We really enjoyed ourselves in Amboseli. It was a great experience. We will definitely recommend Porini Camp Safaris and Kenya in general to our friends. It was too bad that we didn't get a chance to go for a Balloon Safari in Mara.We will save that for our next trip!

We loved Mara too and Robert and Simon were great. Our greatest memories includes the first day when we arrived in Amboseli and seeing all the animals in the wild was unreal. Visiting a Maasai Village and seeing the warriors was a different experience as well. We loved the sunset, the game drive at night and seeing the Cheetah. Also the next day and drive to the reserve was beautiful. I felt that we were in a documentary. It was very beautiful.

Mark Harrison, U.K.

Amboseli Porini Camp, September 2006

Dear Jake, I’m writing to thank all camp staff and management for my stay at Amboseli Porini. I loved my stay there. It is one of the things which define how I think about Kenyans: generous; friendly; engaging; full of life and force. The conservancy project; the connections with the Maasai local communities and the guides were worth every penny and more. I will highly recommend it to friends and colleagues. Asante sana, Mark Harrison.

Malcolm & Margaret Aldrich, Saudi Arabia

Mara Porini Camp, August 2006

Thanks so much Evans, James and team for another superb Porini experience. Wonderful stay in a beautiful conservancy.

We’ll be back!

Ajay Balaaa St Maarten, Dutch Antilles

Mara Porini Camp, August 2006

First time in Africa and this camp was really the cream of the crop.Had a wonderful time, saw beautiful animals and spent time with good friends – the service was AMAZING. Thanks for everything and looking forward to coming back soon.

PS Much better than “Discovery Channel”!!

Michael Eggen, Austin Texas USA

Mara Porini Camp, August 2006

We had a wonderful time here! This has truly been the highlight of our trip to Kenya. The camp was so comfortable and the people so welcoming. The sundowners, time by the camp fire and the dinners were so much fun – not to mention the fantastic game drives! We didn’t expect to see all the animals we hoped for – but we did! Thanks to everyone. We plan to recommend this place to our friends and family – and may even be back ourselves!

Emma & Greg Solomon London, U.K.

Mara Porini Camp, August 2006

We had a fabulous stay at Mara Porini Camp and really couldn’t have asked for more. The accommodation, hospitality, food and company were outstanding. All of the staff without exception have been super friendly and very patient with our many questions. The guide and tracker’s knowledge was superb and we have both learnt a lot about flora, fauna and the Maasai culture. This was an awesome start to our honeymoon and we very much hope to return.

Jeremy & Teresa Adair, New Zealand

Porini Lion Camp, August 2006

We had a really good time on the safari & it exceeded our expectations.  It appealed to us that it was a small camp & so we had a much more personal experience.

The vehicle was very comfortable and made the safari a lot more enjoyable. The accommodation, food and game drives were excellent & I have only good things to say about them. We were very happy with the friendliness of your staff. It was my wife's birthday while we were there & Nina organised for the chef to make a cake. What was really enjoyable was that the cake was delivered by the Maasai staff who performed a dance for her. This was a really special event for us.

The best part of the experience was the personal nature of the stay.

Pete Duerden, UK

Amboseli Porini Camp, August 2006

We had a fantastic holiday in Kenya. The safari experience was excellent - everything was as advertised. The camps at Amboseli, Selenkay were delightful and all the staff were very helpful. Everywhere we stayed the food was good. The guides and drivers were all very knowledgeable and friendly and contributed in no small part to our enjoyment of the holiday. Although all the safaris were enjoyable I think that the night drives were particularly special - it was a privilege to be able to see many of the smaller and less common animals - we loved seeing the honey badger and were entranced by the jumping hares at Selenkay!

In summary we had a great holiday - I would like to thank all your staff who tried so hard to ensure we had a good time - nothing was ever too much trouble and it was their input that made such a difference.

Christine Beausire, UK

Maasai Safari, August 2006

The safari experience was wonderful. I felt that all the staff at both camps I stayed at really were trying to make the safari experience good. The accommodation was excellent, the most luxurious camping I have ever done! The use of four wheel drive vehicles was vastly superior to the vans I saw being used by other companies and I really enjoyed being in such small groups. The guides again were very knowledgeable and seemed keen to make the experience as good as possible.

Its difficult to single out a particular experience as the best - but I would like to mention Robert the head guide at Amboseli who I thought was very good and who, at my request took me to the biggest termite mound he could find so that I could get a photo of myself in front of it! Also I really enjoyed going for walks on both the conservancies, particularly at Mara where the Maasai gave a lot of information about all the plants. Also I enjoyed the night game drives just being able to see all the stars. Also the sundowners were wonderful.

Before going on safari I did wonder what it would be like being on my own. I have to say that you made sure that the fact I was holidaying on my own was not a problem and I was looked after superbly.

One of the main reasons I booked was that I feel you practice responsible tourism that actually benefits the local communities. I thought the conservancies were beautiful, so peaceful. Another highlight was sitting in the jeep drinking a sundowner watching lions on the conservancy at Mara - and no hordes of white vans!

Best wishes and please pass on all my thanks to everyone in Porini Camp who contributed to making my safari a very special experience.

Brian & Elaine Patey, Edmonton Canada

Amboseli Porini Camp, July 2006

We recently stayed at the Porini camp in Selenkay and we wanted very much to pass on our grateful thanks to Peter and his team for making our first visit to Africa such a wonderful experience. The game viewing far exceeded our expectations, as did the visit to the Masai village. The camp was everything we hoped it would be and Peter made an excellent host.
The image of the sun setting over the bush seen from our sundowner spot will always remain with us and we are happy to recommend the camp to anyone wanting a true safari experience.

Rick and Nicole Goodfellow, Ottawa Canada

Mara Porini Camp, June 2006

As we reflect on the trip, our thoughts always go back to Mara Porini. We so loved the location, the warmth of the camp staff, the friendliness and the beauty of the conservancy. Evans and Gordon make a wonderful team and bring a touch of class and savoir-faire to the bush camp experience. The troupe of Masai warriors under Tipa’s artistic direction is unquestionably the best! Evans presented me with a specially baked cake to commemorate Canada’s Aboriginal Day. The kind and thoughtful gesture caught me totally by surprise and touched the bottom of my heart. Then the Masai gave us a spectacular show – how could I not cry !!

You have a special crew at Mara Porini – informal, attentive and their presence is constantly felt throughout the day – that’s what makes it different from other camps. You have a winning formula (for us anyways ). The abundance of wildlife in the conservancy is also quite remarkable – we feel the presence and activity of animals throughout the day and night – their proximity is exhilarating.

Jessica Sherman, Edmonton Canada

Amboseli Porini Camp, May 2006

Thanks again for everything. Our safari was so wonderful. It was far beyond anything that we ever could have expected. It was very convenient to have it paid for before we arrived. I liked the fact that we didn't have to worry about that when we were going out on Safari. We were given all the information that we needed, so transferring the money was really easy!

The camp was amazing! The staff was very friendly and helpful. Jonathan was a great guide. He showed us a lot of neat animals. I can't believe how many things there were to see. The food was the best we had on our entire trip! I really appreciated the way that they accommodated my allergies. We both loved the fact that we never felt any pressure to hurry when we were watching animals or taking pictures. Jonathon has amazing patients, considering the number of questions we kept asking him!

I know this is cliché, but I loved all of it. Walking to the village and meeting everyone was definitely a highlight. I just couldn't believe I was there. I don't think I will ever forget hearing the women singing. I also thought the night drives were really fun. I can't believe all the things that they found for us in the dark.


Dr. Jan Berlin, USA

Mara Porini Camp, May 2006

I am writing to thank you and all of the people at Porini Camp for your conscientious and meticulous attention to our travel needs in Kenya. Our advance booking and payment was easy and you were consistently available to address our every concern. The airport transfers were prompt, courteous and efficient and our driver went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I would make my unanticipated change in connecting flights to Tanzania without a problem.

Our time at the Porini Camp in the Maasai Mara was simply magical. The accommodations were wonderful, comfortable, albeit luxurious and yet remained in keeping with the wildness of the surrounding land. We awakened each morning to a concert of early morning birds welcoming the progression of dawn. Each day was unique and well planned, filled with magnificent wildlife and culminating in some of the most spectacular sunsets we have ever seen. Evans was an attentive and gracious host, offering us every consideration and accommodating our every wish to personalize our time together and make the most of this memorable experience. Of particular note were our guide Omundi and our Maasai tracker Tipa. What a fantastic team they are! They work together seamlessly and have an abundance of knowledge, information and heartfelt enthusiasm for the Mara and all who dwell there. Their warmth, their humor, their depth of spirit, and their genuine interest in our needs will remain with us for many years to come. What a rich and extraordinary cultural exchange, and very much a part of why we selected Porini as our safari experience.

We reveled as well in our opportunity to take an extended bush hike with Omundi, Tipa and another Maasai tracker, marveling at the richness of the land as we wandered amidst wildebeest, gazelle, zebras, topis, eland and even a giant tortoise!


Simon Cadwallader, UK

Porini Camps, May 2006

The Safaris were amazing, the accommodation was fantastic. We liked the fact that we had been to two very different tented camps and two very different game parks. The staff was amazing at both camps and made us feel really welcome. I have been on quite a few safaris before and this without a doubt was the best safari trip I have ever been on. We also loved the light aircraft transfers - So much better than going by road.

Best part of the Safari was seeing lions on the night drive we did at Porini Mara. Porini was great, really friendly, brilliant guides and staff. I can't speak highly enough about them and the camp. Our thanks go to Evans, Gordon, Tippa, Moses and all the staff at Porini that made our stay so memorable.


John and Lynn Erickson, USA

Amboseli Porini Camp & Mara Porini Camp Safaris, May 2006

John and I would like to offer our most sincere thank you for the most fabulous trip of our lives. I was sure Kenya was going to be amazing, as it was the one place I knew I had to visit before my life was complete. Everything about it has far exceeded my expectations; the friendly people, wildlife, terrain, accommodations, food, culture, absolutely everything!

From the moment I first arrived at the first of the two Porini camps, Porini Camp Selenkay I knew I had to do everything I could to tell everyone I could about this magical place.
I have to say the highlight of our safari was the professionalism and friendliness of your staff throughout our journey. They are the ones who make a Porini Camp safari far exceed anyone’s expectations. The Maasai warriors at both of the camps were so very attentive and friendly, they really added to the experience. Last but not least, what a great job the camp managers Peter and Evans do bringing it all together so perfectly.

I am a true believer in the vision and concept you have adopted with the Porini camps. I certainly wish everyone would follow your example to protect and preserve the precious land, wildlife and culture of Kenya. I was pleased to hear you are continuing to grow and I will certainly do all I can to spread the word about the fabulous safari opportunities you offer. May you have all the success in the world!

Asante Sana to everyone for the wonderful life changing experience and memories we will keep with us forever!


Glynne and Ally Tucker, Sussex, England

Mara Porini Camp, March 2006

The time just disappeared so quickly and we both wish we could've spent more time with Evans, David, James and the rest of the team at Mara Porini. The camp is in a wonderful area, we just felt so at home there. Just outside camp we came across a huge herd of giraffe and a pride of lions consisting of 21 at the last count. We especially enjoyed our balloon safari so it was well worth getting up at 4am for. We also visited a local Maasai village which was quite an experience as well and should be recommended to all clients - it was quite an eye opener.

We're definitely hooked and thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in the tents and taking in all the sights and sounds.

Tammy Schlamp, Canada

Amboseli & Mara Porini Camp Safaris, 2006

Every camp we were at was fantastic..we were warmly welcomed and our stay at all of them was truly enjoyable. I really do believe that we did see "The Best of Kenya", with all of the areas we visited being truly unique. Certainly a big factor in our trip being so fantastic were the excellent guides we had!!! I still marvel at all the sights that we were able to take in, including the lion kill that we witnessed at Amboseli. We have some phenomenal pictures to add to our warm memories of the people we met and of our African Safari!

Again, thank you for your excellent service! In addition to our colleagues that are coming to see you in June, we will most certainly be recommending Porini Camp to all future Africa bound travelers!! My memories of Kenya will be long lasting as well as very fond!

Mark Montgomery, USA

Porini Camp Safaris

The tents were very nice, clean, comfortable and had everything we needed. The food was very good at all three camps. All of the game drives were super. The drivers were very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. It is hard to pick just one thing, but personally, it was awesome to hear the lions roar at night from our tent. I must say that Porini Camp is a first class company. It's hard to improve on that.

Keith and Patsy Farley, England

Mara Porini Camp

I feel compelled to write to say how impressed we were with the hospitality we received while staying at Mara Porini. Everyone was so cheerful, polite and helpful during our stay. The guides and spotters were excellent, we saw lots of different species of animals and birds. We saw three of the big five within 1 hour! Thanks to James, Andy, Marima and Tipa for that.

Cecilia and Ardean Goertzen, USA

Porini Camp Safaris

We loved Porini Camp, the Selenkay Conservancy, the visit to the Masasai Village and Amboseli. The meals were good. We could have stayed another day at Porini and chilled out. The tents were awesome! We love to camp out on our visits to National Parks in the USA so we were in the lap of luxury with the large space and en-suite bathroom. We found the shower particularly delicious. Peter was a gracious host and the Maasai men that served us were courteous and kind. We felt privileged to be able to get a glimpse of an ancient way of life and meet some of the people of the village. Dixon, our guide, and I had very interesting discussions of the cultural differences between the Maasai way of life and the western ways.

Ken Marcowitz, Washington DC, USA

Mara Porini Camp

The whole experience was absolutely one of the true highlights of my life. The staff, the environment and your vision are truly exceptional.

Mick & Pat Jenner, UK

Porini Camps

Pat and I are both very much into conservation which is why the Porini project appeals to us. For all the local Maasai in the conservancy area to benefit in such a direct and immediate way is important not only for wildlife but also for the continuation of tourism in the region, a delicate balance that you are going along way to help address.

Larry & Josie McPherson, Vancouver, Canada

Mara Porini Camp

Our stay at Porini Camp was one of the highlights of our recent Kenya vacation and we want to thank everyone for making our stay so enjoyable. It takes more than just luxurious surroundings to make a place special; it ultimately comes down to the quality of those working in the place, from cooks, to drivers, guides, housekeeping staff, waiters and managers, all those that we come into contact with. Our experience at Porini Camp in this regard was second to none.

Our special thanks to Evans for being such a gracious, kind and considerate host and to David for enthusiastically sharing his vast knowledge of Kenya's flora and fauna with us - especially the beautiful birds! We hope to meet up with you again should we be fortunate enough to make it to Kenya a 7th time!

Geoffrey Jones, Dorset, UK

Amboseli Porini Camp

Our safari was the best African holiday that we have had! We loved Porini Amboseli, the opportunity to walk through the bush is a real privilege and a memory to treasure. Bearing in mind the remoteness of the camp the food, service and accommodation were fantastic.

Sue Hill

Porini Camp

We would like to thank you for a wonderful time in Kenya. We had such a great time on safari. Porini Camp was an amazing start with animals free to roam through the camp. One evening while the others were out on a night drive I sat chatting to Peter by the fire when a young Giraffe wandered in and browsed on a tree just a few yards away. On returning to our tent there were about a dozen Impala grazing just outside. The staff and guides at the camp were friendly and knowledgeable which made our stay memorable. Patrick was an excellent tracker and our night drive with him was particularly memorable.

Peter and Susan Berveling

Porini Camp

Porini Mara - In one word GREAT We loved the personal service and it was very special being the only guests in a new camp. David, Evans and the rest of the staff did everything to make sure that we had everything we wanted both in the camp and on the game drives. It was an experience that we and our boys will look back on with pleasure for a long time.

Faye Austen-Brown

Porini Camp Safaris

Thank you so much to everyone at Porini Camp for doing such an incredible job. You made it all so easy, from the booking, to all the changes and additions, to the transfers, to the incredible knowledge of the guides and drivers, to the great recommendations. The whole group had such a great time and can't wait to come back. THANK YOU. Will continue recommending you to everyone.

Porini Camp

Sharon and Dave

This years trip was great. We saw caracal and aardvark at Porini, which was as good as ever - our favourite tented camp. Once again thank you to all  at Porini Camp for the care and effort you put in to make our holiday so special, we are very grateful.

Nick & Ros Rose

Porini Camp

Our trip to Kenya was all I had hoped for and more. Porini camp comes top of the list by far - we just loved it there. I thought the camp was beautifully set up, not too many people thus retained an intimacy to the camp where we felt very much part of the Porini family. David was a fantastic host, driver and guide and we did appreciate him sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge of the area so freely with us. A bonus for me was that both David and Nicholas shared my interest in birds and could tell me the names of all the birds we saw. We loved the time we spent with Jackson, spot lighting at night and walking around the camp sharing his knowledge of the trees and animal tracks and learning something of his culture and traditions. Not to mention all the people we did not meet who cooked for us, guided us to our tents at night and bought us hot water in the morning.

Kate and Paul (Honeymooners)

Porini Camp

The camps were all awesome in their own different ways, had a giraffe eating the leaves above our tent at Porini in the night which was so exciting, the camp manager was quite excellent there we really loved that place.

Gill Spencer, UK

Porini Camp

We found our guides very knowledgeable and friendly. As for our accommodation, we loved Porini and if we ever do return to Kenya that is the one place we would re-visit.

So we had a fantastic time. Everything went very smoothly really. We all felt that we received excellent service from yourself and the Porini Camp staff, and that you were most patient with our frequent requests and changes of plan. I also felt that we had good value for money.

Thank you again for all your hard work on our behalf.

Dr. Alan Downie, UK

Amboseli Porini Camp

We had an absolutely fantastic time.  We were very taken with the 'ECO' concept at Porini and we enjoyed the inclusive nature of the arrangements. Peter and our guide Isaac looked after us very well indeed as well as the other staff. We did like the openness of the camp without a fence albeit a little daunting at first. As our very first experience of a safari camp we will always treasure it. Isaac in particular was very helpful in educating us about the wildlife and habitat. We saw more than we could have hoped for, although the Rhinos proved to be elusive. We'll just need to return! We found your website informative with lots of useful tips. We certainly would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.




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