Walking Safaris

Walking Safaris in Laikipia, Northern Kenya

A walking safari in unspoilt wilderness, escorted by Samburu and Maasai guides with an intimate knowledge of the wildlife, people and landscapes, is a memorable experience.  We offer walking safaris in Kenya spending 2 nights or longer in the bush in simple but comfortable mobile camps, with supplies and equipment carried by camels and staffed by the camp team who will look after you throughout the expedition. Once you have slept under the African stars, listened to nightjars calling, or the singing of Samburu warriors in the distance, you will have unforgettable memories of being close to nature in the wilds of Africa . The walking safari can be added to any of our itineraries featuring our Porini Camp safaris and an perfect excursion from Porini Rhino Camp.

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The walks take place in stunning landscape starting from an unspoilt 3000 acre ranch dedicated exclusively to the management and conservation of wildlife. With 360 degree sweeping views of Mount Kenya to the South and the vast Frontier District to the North, the ranch is a window onto the romantic wilds of northern Kenya . and has good numbers of resident game and predators. An evening walk on the ranch typically will turn up Gerenuk, Impala, Steinbuck, Common Zebra, Grevy's Zebra, Elephant, Grant's Gazelle and Dikdiks. Several days spent in the area will likely find the shyer or less common species such as Lesser Kudu, Eland, Hyena, Bat-eared Fox, Reticulated Giraffe or Hartebeest.  Occasionally visitors may catch sight of the local Lions or Wilddogs.

The walking safaris are dedicated to conservation in Kenya and specifically in the particular areas where they operate. Since conservation and people are directly linked, the safaris actively support the communities, by employing local people, paying conservation fees to the communities, and purchasing all local goods whenever possible. The owners of the ranch have supported and encouraged sustainable, traditional honey production for the last seven years, by buying raw honey from the local Samburu amd Laikipia Maasai people and processing it, employing many local people. The locally produced honey is then delivered to markets in Nairobi , allowing the honey gatherers to sell their product to a much larger market.

3 Day (2 night) Walking Safari

A wonderful 3 day scenic walking tour through some of Northern Kenya’s most pristine wilderness accompanied by knowledgeable guides.


Day 1
You will be met in Nanyuki or from Porini Rhino Camp and taken to the start of the safari. The drive is about 2 hours through pretty countryside, hopefully seeing some wildlife along the way.
Nyarara Camp You will be welcomed at camp by the Laikipia Maasai and Samburu expert team. Nyarara means Cheetah in Maasai and the camp was given this name because of a large male that has been seen in the area.
On our afternoon walk we will pass through plains as well as mixed bush. Herds of Zebra, Oryx and Grant's Gazelle predominate on the large plains with smaller numbers of Jackson's Hartebeest and Thompson's Gazelle. In the mixed bush we also have a chance of seeing Dikdiks, Gerenuk, Impala and Lesser Kudu.
Day 2 - Tumaren Ewaso Camp
Today we will be heading down toward the Ewaso Nyiro River, which runs along the eastern edge of the Laikipia Plateau and then turns eastward toward Samburu National Reserve. Along the way we will be looking for Eland, Steinbuck, Giraffe, Waterbuck and Grevy’s Zebra as well as the more elusive predators such as Wild Dog, Hyena, Lion, Leopard and Cheetah. We will spend the afternoon relaxing, swimming and fishing by the river before taking an evening walk to a sundowner spot with wonderful views of Mount Kenya. We then continue to camp. The pack camels with the camp will have made a more direct route than us and so they will have arrived and set up most of camp before our arrival.
Day 3
After breakfast you will be driven to Nanyuki for your onward flight or to continue to Porini Rhino Camp.
DATES FROM DATES TO 2 3 4 5 6+ 1 (includes Single Supp)
Expedition Safari
01-Jan-13 31-Dec-13 1335 USD 1230 USD 975 USD 945 USD 845 USD 2009 USD
Samburu-Led Luxury Safari
01-Jan-13 31-Dec-13 1555 USD 1455 USD 1145 USD 1115 USD 1035 USD 2490 USD
Expert-Led Luxury Safari
01-Jan-13 31-Dec-13 1900 USD 1800 USD 1365 USD 1335 USD 1200 USD 3050 USD

Prices are subject to currency fluctuations and may change.

3 Day Walking Safari - 2013 Package Prices

Compulsory supplement of $265 per person applies to Late Departures (after 12 Noon).

Optional Supplements to Expedition Safaris:

Beer, Wine & Spirits (not Champagne or luxury brands) $35 per person per day.

Additional Safari Expert (Kerry Glen, James Christian or other specialist) $465 per group per day.








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